Greenwall Benefits

Space Saving: greenwalls use minimal ground space to maximise living space.

Insulation: the small cavity between the greenwall and wall surface remains at a relatively constant temperature.

Aesthetic Appeal: adds a natural beauty to any room, courtyard or building.

Energy Savings: the thermal barrier helps conserve energy by reducing the need for air-conditioning and heating

Acoustic Benefits: good phonic qualities that absorb sound waves.

Air Quality: acts as a biofilter to capture and denature pollutants known as Volatile Organic Compounds - VOC's 

Biophilia: interaction with plants has been shown to create a sense of wellbeing.

Water Recycling: plants can purify slighty polluted water such as Grey Water. Greenwalls can act as Biofilters removing pollutants.

Green Space: increase green space in the urban environment. Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Property Value: should increase property value by adding a real green solution.