Greenwall Australia is proud to announce our latest product range Green4Air Vertical garden products

Green4Air uses a pot for each plant. The system is suitable for most species of plants as they are planted in their natural orientation and allowed to grow in their normal geotropic way.

Individual pots allow each plant to be grown in their preferred medium. It also provides enormous flexibility over plant selection for colour, shape, size and flowering times. Plants can be easily swapped for seasonal variation.

Plant indoor species, herbs, perenials and succulents.

Key Features

  • Non linear shapes - can be shaped to fit most design requirements. You can now greenwall outside the square.
  • Simplicity - easy to install and maintain
  • Versatility - suitable for any scale of project both indoors and out.
  • Sustainability - SkALE products are made from 100% recycled materials in Australia
  • Water Efficiency - uses minimal water and is relatively drought tolerant
  • Pricing - cost effective to install and maintain