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"We are an Architectural practice that has recently installed a Green Wall in our foyer area to function as a privacy screen from the entry. The Green Wall creates a green backdrop for our office, stimulating fresh oxygen that helps filter out some of the air toxins creating a clean green working environment. We are very happy with the wall and there has been a great interest from other tenants"

Daniel Boddham
Boddam Whetham Architects
Surrey Hills

Ed Warburton, of Greenwall Australia, has turned landscaping in Sydney on its head with his vertical Gardens which can be installed almost anywhere, even in low or unnatural light. One of Warburton's more celebrated works is at the Gazebo Wine Garden, Elizabeth Bay, where he created a living wall that grows under artificial light behind the bar

Myles Baldwin
The Sun Herald, 5/11/2006

The greenwall makes our bathroom look like Bali

Anthony Wallis
Mosman, Sydney

"The greenwall created a fantastic vertical garden on our small balcony. It takes up very little space yet gives us a living artwork which we can view from our lounge. The garden requires very little maintenance. It has been fascinating watching it grow and change through the seasons."

Matthew Cliffe
C2 Design

The greenwall has really bought the outside in. It completes our theme of being a wine garden, and is really the centrepiece. Customers are extremely surprised to order drinks, look up and see a wall of growth, it is quite enjoyable watching these reactions. I even had a lady come up to me the other day that flew from the Gold Coast to just have a look.

Paul Schulte
Gazebo Wine Garden
Elizabeth Bay

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